Fun & Flirty Ways To Utilize Wine Boxes

Wooden wine boxes have a lot more personality and use than just tossing them out into the trash. Instead, use these antique and interesting piece as functional decor around the house. From DIY projects to quick and easy accents, we’re here to showcase some fun and flirty ways to utilize wine boxes. They’ll definitely give some unique touches to various spaces around the house. Take a look around at our favorite ideas.

1. Use them to pot with!

Wine box night stand

Are you one of the lucky ones with a green thumb? On the patio, porch, or in the kitchen, pot some of your flowers, fresh herbs or plants in one of these charming boxes. It’s more interesting and creative than a plain ole pot and will give a lot more style to the most “outdoorsy” and dull of spaces.

2. Cover a wall with them!

Wine box night stand

Use parts of the wine boxes as “wallpaper.” Or even a backsplash. Cover the walls with these unique and original pieces for a rustic and Tuscan-esque feel. This is a great DIY project to try and conquer yourself. I’d use this idea for the kitchen, breakfast nook or the bathroom.

3. Accent with them!

Wine box night stand

It’s easy to use these boxes to store things, but use them for both storing and accenting! Paint the inside some great colors, stack them in a corner and put some of your favorite books and blankets inside. You’ll have an instant reading nook and cozy, accessorized corner. You can even use them in closets to organize and jazz up the space! Or even in the craft room of home office for keeping your supplies tidy.

4. Make shelves out of them!

Wine box night stand

For fun texture on the walls and a unique focal point, use these wine boxes as shelves. You can fit more in them and they’ll add a unique touch and theme to the space. They’re a bit rustic and eclectic in style. We suggest to keep them at this original state without too much painting because it’ll only take away from its natural character.

5. Build a side table with them!

Wine box night stand

It could be a nightstand or a side table for the living room. It’s another great DIY project to get your hands dirty with! Create this amazing piece for your home with simple wine boxes as the foundation. It’s simple but incredibly unique and creative. It’ll stand out among whites and neutral palettes for a down-home, cozy feel.

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