Fun Fabric Chairs: Ideas and Inspiration

Sometimes all you need to spruce up that dusty ole corner is a beautiful, fabric chair with great structure. Covering a bare space in the living room, rounding out your home office in the best way or taking your foyer to an entirely different level of style and design, fabric chairs have a fashion-forward appeal and lots of fun ways to use them. Allow us to show you how these versatile pieces can make and transform a room!

1. In the bathroom.

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If you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom with lots of extra space, then utilize it. Create a luxurious atmosphere. Add a vintage, clawfoot tub and a fabric chair for a bit of relaxation. Beautiful florals or just a vibrant color would do wonders for the excess room. Don’t forget to throw in a small ottoman too for the ultimate R & R experience.

2. In the dining room.

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Spruce up the dining room and take the edge off the usual, traditional style by adding some funky, fabric chairs. Use a variety of different style with different types of fabrics from tulle to cotton. Or, just pick one chair out for a flowing theme. We love big, bold prints for a gathering room but you can’t go wrong with solids if you have lots of designs sprinkled throughout the space.

3. In the foyer.

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Welcome your guests with a bit of personal style. Some great wall art, mirrors or a funky table. But, definitely throw in an amazing chair. Covered in velvet or a beautiful, geometric print, use a comfy chair to take a load off, take the shoes off but overall, create lots of personality.

4. In the home office.

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If there is one place where rules of interior design do not apply, it’s your home office. This should be your place of inspiration and work ethic. It should represent you  more than any other space. So, you don’t need a boring leather “office” chair to finish the room. Instead, pick out some pieces that inspire you, like this pair of blue “tribal” ones.

5. In the kitchen.

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Whether it’s at the breakfast bar or in the corner of the breakfast nook, some fabric chairs could easily brighten and stylize the space in a functional way. Use them for eating at every morning but nix the usual wooden stools and simple chairs. Whether they’re made with powdery blue, monochromatic material or bright and sunshiney floral prints, the kitchen is the best place to make a brilliant statement.

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