Fun Décor Tips for Staircases

Staircases are classy and stylish additions to every home, but they don’t have to be boring. Here are some fun décor options to transform your stairs.

Camouflage the Staircase.

Stairs landing
Make Your Staircase Match the Room’s Décor

Choosing a staircase design that contains the same materials as those used in the rest of your room’s décor helps to dilute the discrepancy between staircase and the room. It makes the staircase blend in much better, which ironically makes it more noticeable.

Choose Glass for a Modern Twist.

Stairs landing
Glass Panels Update Staircases

Sometimes staircases that have railings and panels prevent the eye from seeing what lies beyond the staircase, such as another room. In this way it breaks apart the flow of one’s living space, which can be a bad thing for a small home. By using glass panels on the railing, staircases can help to open up a living space, plus they look modern.

Stairs landing
Glass Steps are Trendy and Interesting

Glass stairs can also be a stylish option and you can get different colors of glass steps that will change the appearance of the light which streams in through the windows, creating a beautiful effect.

Floating Stairs.

Stairs landing

Staircases with floating steps have become very trendy. By positioning the stairs well and making them an appealing material as well as shape, the stairs can be an artistic addition to any home décor.

Staircase to Heaven.

Stairs landing
Don’t Neglect the Staircase Wall

A fun imaginative idea is to keep the staircase minimal in its design but then creatively transform the walls surrounding it with a beautiful mural. This creates a more visually appealing staircase area while making use of the staircase walls.

Stairs landing
Using Stair Runners

Stair runners are an easy and affordable way to add a bit of creativity and style to a bland staircase. Runners that have a pattern on them can totally transform the décor and they also protect the stairs from high traffic on a daily basis.

Use More than One Design.

Stairs landing
Unlock Staircase Potential with Tiles

Placing tiles on the stairs can have a lot of potential for creating trendiness in your décor. But you don’t have to use just one tile design – mix it up by combining different patterns and colors for a more Mediterranean ambiance.

Rest Stop.

Stairs landing
Turn the Landing into a Fun Area

If the space on the staircase landing between levels of the home feels empty, fill it up with a bookshelf or couch so that it becomes a cute, almost quirky spot where you can take a relaxing moment or two. This is an excellent use of space.

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