Fun Color Duos for the Bedroom: Their Mood and Meanings

Are you thinking of redecorating the bedroom? Or are you starting fresh in a new apartment? Have you bought your first house with your loved one and want to make the bedroom, for the both of you, the most special of the rest? Well, it’s time to start talking colors. Have you thought about the mood you want? Or what you want the colors of the bedroom to reflect? Well, don’t fret, we’re here sharing great color duos for the bedroom, plus their meanings and the moods they emit. Take a look!

1. Pale Blue & Springtime Yellow.

Awesome bedroom

For a light and wispy feel, try pale blues with pops of springtime yellow for a youthful, natural bedroom. The calmness of the blue and energy from the yellow create a positive atmosphere for a positive, vibrant person.

2. Bright White & Hot Pink.

Pink white bedroom

Create a modern and slick bedroom by using bright whites and hot pink. The passion and fire of the hot pink combined with the clean and fresh revival of the whites will easily make a bold and empowering room.

3. Fire Red & Funky Turquoise.

Turquoise walls bedroom

This eclectic mix if perfect for those who want a bit of sexy appeal. With reds giving off lots of energy and strength combining it with a serene and calming turquoise will create a trendy and stylish space.

4. Chocolate Brown and Creamy Ivory.

Elegant bedroom

The wholesome, earthy brown and the sophisticated and innocence of ivory makes for the most comfortable and traditional of bedrooms. It’s a great choice for couples looking to create a homey space.

5. Soft Lavender and Neon Chartreuse.

Bedroom design yellow

The color of femininity and poise, lavender is a cool and comfortable shade. Combining it with chartreuse for a trendy,  yet serene look, is a great choice for someone looking to put a bit more pep in their step.

6. Smooth Teal and Mango Orange.

Classy bedroom wall murals

Teal and mango make for a fun and lively duo. Just like blues, teal give off a calming, relaxed vibe while also emitted a natural, earthy style with its infusion of green. Then orange comes along bursting with happiness and rebirth.

7. Pure Black and Light White.

Geometry black and white bedroom decoration

A classic color combination, it’s an elegant and sophisticated choice. Black, with it’s bold and courageous meanings and white with its innocent and refreshing vibes, it’s a ying and yang of sorts.

8. Hazey Grey and Grassy Green.

Modern bedroom green gray

Green is the color of earth, giving off a natural and healthy reinforcement. Then grey, a cloudy color that makes one feel relaxed and focused. This combination puts everyone on a comfy level.

9. Delicate Rose and Antique Ivory.

Luxury bedroom design ideas9

Romantic and comfortable, rose and ivory make for a beautiful, inspired bedroom. The purity and cleanliness of the ivory combined with the delicate, girlish charm of the rose makes for a calming, secure bedroom.

10. Metallic Gold and Royal Purple.

Mountain bedroom view river

Grandiose and dramatic, try gold and purple for a surprising style. Gold is cheerful and eye-catching and a vibrant purple, the color of royalty, are colors that bode well in making a bold bedroom.