Fun and sunny interior design with green accents by Gideon Mendelson

Gideon Mendelson is a talented designer from New York and a graduate of both Columbia University with a degree in Architecture and The New York School of Interior Design. With such a background it’s not surprising that this designer is able to create such charming interior decors.

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This residence is the perfect example to prove that. The location of the house is not important at all. What matters is the interior design. The entire home looks wonderful and it would be a lie to say this is not a real work of art. The house originally had a nice but rather boring décor. Gideon Mendelson managed to transform that into this lovely , peaceful and very inviting place that makes it easier to be called home.

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Each room has its own look. However, there’s a certain uniformity throughout the house. There’s not a very precise palette of colors that has been used here. It’s more like a combination of several different shades that don’t always work well together but that in this case look wonderful. It takes talent to be able to combine colors, textures and styles in this way. It’s not advisable to dot hat alone but to seek the help of a specialist. I think this home makes it very clear that a professional interior designer like Gideon Mendelson can transform anything and turn it into something creative and fun but also timeless.