Entertaining At Home – Guest-Friendly Interior Design Ideas

You don’t have to go out to have fun. You can have a perfectly great time at home too and it might even be more convenient for everyone and this could become a regular thing. But take the time to prepare in advance. Even if you think your home is super comfortable and welcoming, your guests see things differently. Get your home ready to receive guests and make sure everyone will have a fun time.

Don’t overdecorate.

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First of all, keep in mind that all your guests want is to have fun so don’t clutter the room with all sorts of unnecessary things. Keep the décor simple and only include the basics. Make sure everyone can move around freely and get all those fragile collectibles out of the way.

Provide enough seating for everyone.

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Don’t force your guests to sit on the floor. They may not mind doing that but it’s better to offer everyone a place to sit. If you plan on hosting a movie night, position the sofa in front of the TV at a comfortable distance and bring in a few ottomans so everyone can rest their feet comfortably.

Make sure everyone is included.

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If you decide to have people over and to entertain them in your game room, you should plan ahead for several different activities. Not everyone may be interesting in playing pool for example so give them something else to do.

Combine multiple functions into one space.

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Having a large space that’s a living room, a game room as well as a bar or dining area would be ideal. Whatever you or you guests decide to do, you’ll all be in the same place. Such a layout encourages socialization and interaction.

A TV in the game room.

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It would be nice to have a large TV in the game room in case someone is interested on watching sports while you play pool or simply to have something play in the background while you play a boardgame. Another option is to have a large space which you divide into a home theater and a game room without wall dividers in between.

Lots of cushions and pillows.

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You can never have too many comfy pillows when you’re having people over. Everyone should be comfortable, especially if you plan activities such as board games which don’t require a lot of effort.

A bar.

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I wouldn’t say a bar is a must-have but it’s definitely great to have in the house, especially when you’re entertaining guests. Let everyone choose their drink and get everyone nice and ready without having to constantly move between the kitchen and the living room or game room.{found on henhurstblog}.