Fun and Interesting LC Shutters by Louise Campbell

Designer Louise Campbell has created the LC Stutters for UK-based lighting company Louis Poulsen. This lovely piece will be presented in March 2012. Louis Poulsen had only one demand, and this was to create a simple lamp which could be manufactured entirely at the company’s own factory in Denmark. Also the product is glare-free since the bulb is protected by a diffuser.

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The company’s factory specializes in machining steel, so the challenge became to experiment with finding out how much it is possible to play with light from a single source using only one sheet of aluminum. The material is beaten and battered with great, but meticulous force, through several big custom made machines, in order to transform from flat sheet to finished pendant. The production has been cut down to three steps: turning the shade, stamping the pattern and painting.

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Fun LC Shutters

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Furthermore, the concentrated light is filtered through a diffuser, in order to ensure soft, comfortable light distribution. The softened light creates a pleasant atmosphere. In addition it has variable installation heights and is available as a white version with colored screens. It is perfect for restaurants, conference rooms and, also, for your children’s rooms. It creates an interesting and fun environment and a positive place.