Fun and functional teen workstation makeover

The distance from child to teen is huge. Everything changes, including your preferences and needs in terms of interior design. For example, what used to be a tiny table for doing homework needs to be turned into a more complex workstation with storage facilities and more space. It’s exactly the change that this particular piece of furniture went through.

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This is Cayley’s room. She was about to start high school in the fall when her parents decided that her room needed a makeover. They were particularly interested in changing the workstation and transforming it into a larger unit with plenty of storage space. They wanted to make this bedroom both cozy and functional. The study area was a priority. They chose a colorful, contemporary look for this space.

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The bedroom now features a large wall unit covering an entire wall. It incorporates all the little elements that used to be in that area of the room but in an organized and simple manner. The wall unit creates a more stylish decor while also providing Cayley with a functional space for her homework and school projects. She has plenty of storage space inside the boxes and drawers and the room kept its intimate and fun appeal. Of course, introducing this large piece of furniture into the room meant that the whole space needed to be reorganized. Cayley’s room is now modern, organized, stylish and, most important of all, very functional.{found on ikeahackers}.