Fun and functional drawing table

A lot of people like to draw. Whether it’s just a hobby or full-time job, drawing is always fun. Whatever the case is, this unusual table will definitely charm anyone who sees it. It’s called Tischlein and it was designed by Thorsten Francks.

Functional maple table with 1800 sheets of paperView in gallery

It’s a table that invites you to let your imagination run wild and that will definitely help you become more creative. The design is actually very simple. It’s a light-color table with a big stack of colored paper on top. In fact there are exactly 1800 sheets of paper in various colors.The table’s four think legs act like a support and a container for all the paper. Anyway, just because it’s a drawing table this doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to draw on it.

Functional maple table with 1800 sheets of paper both

It’s also a very useful piece when you need a piece of paper to write something on, or to explain something to someone, but mostly it’s for drawing. Considering the fact that it’s a very fun piece of furniture and also a very simple one, it would also make a great choice for the kid’s room.

With a table like this you’ll keep your kids busy for a long time. They’ll have fun and you’ll have some quiet time. It’s a very ingenious piece of furniture. It would also make a great gift for someone who likes to draw.