Fun And Friendly Ceiling Lights For Kids

Each room has a theme and a certain type of décor. You have to adapt everything in each case. For example, when you’re decorating the children’s rooms, you can’t use the same type of lighting fixture as in your bedroom. In case you’re having trouble finding something suitable, here are some ideas.

Friendly zoo.

Kids ceiling light

Kids love animals so you could exploit this aspect when choosing the right lighting fixture for their room. This ceiling fixture, for example, has a simple and very friendly design. It’s made of non-toxic and lead free materials and it’s also an energy-saving light fixture. It works with three 16 watt fluorescent light bulbs.Available for 171$.

Bright pendants.

Red green blue lights

For a room décor that is somewhere in between childish and grown-up-like, you could choose this light fixture. It’s a pendant lamp with a simple but also colorful and friendly design. It has a tiered design, it’s made of iron and it comes in bold and vibrant colors. It uses 60 watt bulbs and it measures 10.25″ diameter, 9.75″ high.Available on site.


Boys ceiling

This light fixture is wonderful for a child’s room because it has a very friendly and cute design. The airplanes feature three different colors and they are all soothing and friendly. It’s a light fixture that captures the dynamism of the airplanes in a static design. It’s an energy-saving fixture and it requires one florescent light bulb.Available for 66$.


Airplace ceiling light

Airplanes seem to be a recurrent theme when it comes to fixtures and designs for kids. This ceiling pendant light is airplane-shaped and has a very cute design. It’s colorful and it would look good in a child’s bedroom or playroom. Its height can be adjusted and it only uses one light bulb.Available for 99$.


Mission to Mars

Let your child’s imagination run wild and allow him to explore the space. This light fixture would be a nice addition to a boy’s room or playroom. It’s fun and friendly and it features pleasant colors and shapes. The dimensions are 13” W and 14” H and it uses one CFL or incandescent light bulb.Available for 55$.

Another airplane.

Another airplane

This is also an airplane-shaped pendant light but this one has a design that’s a little more realistic which makes it more suitable for older kids. It measures H 36″ x W 20″ x D 18″ and it has a walnut finish. It uses one light bulb and it’s suitable for bedrooms or playrooms.Available for 250$.

Cheeeez Pendant Light.

Kids place

This colorful suspension light fixture would also look like in the kids’ bedroom or playroom. It’s made of metal and feature chrome-colored mice trying to get inside this yellow cheese block. It’s crafted of non-toxic materials and doesn’t have sharp edges so it’s completely child-proof. It has a diffuse glow and it measures 11.4-Inch H x 6.5-Inch L x 6.5-Inch D x 191.4-Inch OA.Available for 81$.

Pink ceiling fan.

Pink fan

This is a light fixture that’s suitable for a girl’s room given its color. It’s a pink and white ceiling fan light fixture with 5 blades and floral decorations. It features patented anti vibration technology and it mounts flush to the ceiling or with a down rod. The colors are pastels and very pleasant.Available for 129$.


Cars ceiling

This elaborate chandelier would look beautiful in a boy’s room or playroom. It would match nicely a car-themed décor. It features a vintage truck on each arm and it’s made of steel and ceramic. It uses three incandescent light bulbs and it includes mounting hardware, a hanging chain and wire.Available for 406$.

Sport ceiling.


Here’s a ceiling light fixture that would look great in a sports themed room. It measures 4″H x 13″W and it’s great for all ages. It has a simple design and it offers diffuse and gentle light. The base is white and it has colorful decorative elements visible on the bottom.Available for 106$.