Fun and flexible Eva chair by h220430

It’s true that children need to be permanently stimulated in order to help develop their imagination and creativity. This means you have to find interesting things to fill their room with, like toys, accessories, funny furniture and so on and so forth. In case you were looking for an unusual piece of furniture for your kid, design studio h220430 might have the thing for you.

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The Eva chair was especially designed for children. It’s a funny chair made from a very light and flexible material. This makes it child-safe and also very fun for kids. Another very distinctive feature of this chair is that the material used to make it is not toxic so if you’re kid decides by any change so see how the chair tastes like it’s no problem. This piece of furniture comes in many colors, another advantage when it comes to kids. Also, if by any chance your kid gets bored of the chair and wants something else, the Eva chair can be easily folded and stored away as it occupies very little space.

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I admit it’s a very fun chair for a kid, but for me it looks a little creepy with that shape. I don’t want to be mean but to me it looks like a headless eggman. Of course, when you look at it from a kids angle, it seems a little more friendly and actually cute.