Fun and colorful Tribeca apartment with terrace and beautiful views

New York is a very busy city where you can find an amalgam of cultures and influences, a fact which is also reflected in the variety of architectural designs. When searching for an apartment, there are numerous options to take into consideration, each with its own set of unique features. Today we found a very lovely apartment located in Tribeca, in Lower Manhattan.

Apartment in Tribeca NY1

Its interior design is very fun and colorful, boosting a very nice balance of textures, patterns and color. The apartment also has a terrace which offers wonderful views over the city. The interior décor is mostly a combination of styles. It combines antique chairs, modern coffee tables, patterned sofas and traditional banquettes.

Apartment in Tribeca NY

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The living room is spacious and it has high ceilings. The brick walls give it character and create a very chic backdrop for the dining area. The bamboo flooring adds warmth to the rooms while maintaining a light and airy atmosphere.

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The kitchen is part of the open plan living area and a white bar separates it from the rest of the room. The orange bar stools add color to this particular area while the rest of the room also boosts shades of red, blue, black, grey and purple. The master bedroom has a retro feel with antique furniture, fur carpet and a very interesting canopy bed. The rest of the rooms share the same elegant feel and colorful beauty, even the children’s room or the bathrooms.{found on site}.