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Full Bed with Storage: A Stylish Way To Organize Your Bedroom

How many of you have experienced looking for something in the bedroom without being able to find it? How many of you have walked across the bedroom only to bump into objects that shouldn’t be there? How often have you felt suffocated by bedroom clutter and wished there was a way to maximize space and take advantage of every square inch of your bedroom? If you’ve ever experienced any of these situations, the right solution might actually be a storage bed. So, if you’re looking for a Full bed with storage compartments, you have come to the right place.

Full Bed with Storage

Benefits of a Full Bed with Storage

If you’re skeptical about how this specific type of bed can actually be of use to you, here are some of the main benefits that having such a bed will bring into your life.

It’s like having an extra closet

You can use the drawers under the bed to store pretty much everything that you need to. Most of the times, people take advantage of the extra space to put in some clean bedding (so they can always have fresh bed sheets at hand), store duvets or thick blankets that are not needed in the summer, keep their clothes, or even their show boxes. This could prove to be a great storage space for children’s room as it gives you a spot to store their toys away when they’re not playing. Some people even choose to hide valuables in here. Should a burglar ever break inside your home, they’re not that likely to look for hidden compartments in the bed frame.

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It minimizes the chanced of injury

Do we have to portray the horrible mental image of stepping on Legos? It might have happened to some of you but even if it didn’t, stuff being left randomly on the floor is a risk for injury, even in broad daylight when we should all be able to see where we’re going. So, if you have ever tripped over something that shouldn’t have been on the bedroom floor, a storage bed can help get stuff out of the way fast.

It puts unused space to good use

Not everyone uses the under-the-bed clearance to store stuff, and plenty of bed frames or platforms bed don’t even have this “open space” that you can use for storage. That means that investing in a storage bed will help you obtain use over a bunch of storage space that would otherwise go by unnoticed.

It prevents kids and pets from getting under the bed

Having pets or children crawl underneath the bed and having to get the out of kind of like an ultimate challenge. You can’t exactly reach under there and start pulling their arms (or paws) to get them out, so you will either have to bait them with treats or wait until they’re bored and ready to come out by themselves. If you have a storage bed, the little ones won’t have any more room to get under the bed, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

They offer amazing mattress support

If you’ve ever been mattress shopping, then you must know that all mattress manufacturers require you to use their mattress with a suitable platform in order to prevent voiding the warranty. A storage bed will do just that: it will provide a clean, sturdy, and well-ventilated space for you to position your mattress and evenly distribute the weight across its entire surface.

And in the spirit of total transparency, we wanted to talk about the main disadvantage of buying a storage bed (and the only one that isn’t subjective, for that matter): the installation process. Needless to say, it takes longer to put together a storage bed compared to the amount of time it takes to assemble a regular bed frame. In some cases, it might even require two adults to do so, especially since some of the components might be very heavy. So, if you’re planning to move a lot, this might not be the right bed choice for you.

Top 8 Best Full Beds with Storage

1. Kerens Tufted Upholstered Storage Standard Bed

Geralyn Upholstered Storage Platform Bed 1

When it comes to Full beds with storage, the Kerens is a beauty. It measures 55.51” H x 61.81” W x 80.71” L overall and comes with two storage drawers that are located at the foot of the bed plus another two, one on each side of the bed. It is covered in upholstery and the materials depend on the color you choose. Except for walnut beds which have faux leather upholstery, all the other color choices indicate that the bed is covered with polyester material. The frame is made from combinations of solid and manufactured wood.

2. Reevo Mate’s & Captain’s Bed with Bookcase

Geralyn Upholstered Storage Platform Bed 1

The Reevo mode has a more contemporary design and it’s perfect for room where every bit of extra storage space is needed. Aside from the drawers, the bed comes with a bookcase located at the headrest and can serve for storing multiple items, be they necessary or decorative. The frame is made from manufactured wood and the Full-sized version can support up to 500 pounds in weight. The bed measures 56” W x 84.68” L overall and it comes with three drawers that can be placed on either side of the bed.

3. Toxey Upholstered Storage Platform Bed

Geralyn Upholstered Storage Platform Bed 1

When you’re looking for a stylish bed at a good price, the Toxey should definitely be a go-to product. It measures 39” H x 57.1” W x 80.7” L and is designed with a manufactured wood frame. The bed is covered in faux leather upholstery and the button-tufted headboard is filled with foam cushioning. It can support a total weight of about 200 pounds and is compatible with mattresses that are 12 inches in height.

4. Mosley Storage Platform Bed

Geralyn Upholstered Storage Platform Bed 1

The Mosley Full bed with storage is a budget-friendly option designed for minimal bedrooms. Its simple design turns out to be very effective when it comes to keeping the bedroom clean and clutter-free. It measures 10.5” H x 60” W x 80.5” L and comes with two storage drawers, each one located on opposite sides of the bed. Every drawer interior measures 4.37” H x 29.87” W x 19.18” D, which is more than enough to get plenty of items out of the way. It can support a total weight of 500 pounds and doesn’t come with a headboard or footrest.

5. Anatole Upholstered Storage Platform Bed

Geralyn Upholstered Storage Platform Bed 1

The Anatole Full bed with storage is another example of fine craftsmanship and a luxurious design for a less-than-average price. The Full-sized version of this bed measures 51” H x 57” W x 79” L and there are multiple size versions to choose from if need be. It comes with a manufactured wood frame that can support up to 400 pounds in weight. The upholstery is made from polypropylene and filled with synthetic fibers. The curved top headboard edge is combined with the button-tufted design to make the bed look like it’s worth a thousand bucks.

6. Lydia Tufted Upholstered Storage Platform Bed

Geralyn Upholstered Storage Platform Bed 1

Simplicity and elegance are two very good words that can be used to describe the Valhalla bed. The frame combines materials such as plywood and hardwood, and can support up to 500 pounds in weight, which is above the average compared to similar Full-sized beds. The upholstery is made from faux leather and is available in both black and white. The bed is designed with one giant drawer that can be accessed from the foot of the bed and that provides 8” H x 50” W x 20” D of storage space. Overall, the bed measures 42” H x 56” W x 83” L for the Full-sized version.

7. Pitcairn Storage Murphy Bed with Mattress

Geralyn Upholstered Storage Platform Bed 1

If the first thing you noticed about this bed is the price, don’t be intimidated. This isn’t just a price for a bed: it’s basically an entire bedroom ensemble with plenty of storage space. It’s like purchasing a bed, shelves, bookcases, and closets all in one product. This is what you would call a Murphy bed because it is basically a bed that can be pulled out when needed and concealed into a cabinet when not in use.

This is the perfect solution for really small bedroom or for one-room apartments where the living room and bedroom are the same room. This Murphy bed can easily be concealed to give you more space to roam around the room during the day. The entire ensemble is made from metal and manufactured wood and the bed can support a total weight of 750 pounds. It comes with its very own mattress (note that mattresses designed for Murphy beds have a different construction due to them being stored in vertical positions most of the time) that features a memory foam construction.

8. Geralyn Upholstered Storage Platform Bed

Geralyn Upholstered Storage Platform Bed 1

It’s difficult to talk about the Geralyn bed without getting too excited. This gorgeous bed it designed with beautiful velvet upholstery available in colors such as navy blue, green, or pink, with each color being vivid and fade-resistant. The Full-sized version of this bed measures 75” W x 93.5” L, but you can also buy it in other sized, like Twin, Queen, or King. The frame of the bed is made from solid and manufactured wood and can support up to 700 pounds in weight. The button-tufted upholstery is filled with polycotton blend and comes with extended bed edges to provide you with some additional seating space that could always come in handy.

Bottom Line

Buying a bed with storage is so useful for many different reasons and it could come in handy regardless of where you have a small bedroom or a large one that always seems to get cluttered really fast. From bedding items to clothing, from toys to personal items, there are so many different things that you can store in the drawers located underneath the bed.

The fact that you can choose between a multitude of different Full-sized storage space makes the shopping process even more appealing because you are very likely to find a bed that matches the current bedroom décor or whatever style you have in mind for an upcoming bedroom redecorating session.