Fruit bowls

An ancient habit of people all over the world says that it is polite to give your guest a treat. This treat differs depending on the time and geographic region, that is the cultural and social influences of the time. Guests were offered food, a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, tea and also sweets or chocolates. But if the guests have children it is more appropriate to offer them fruit. And you can do that by placing a bowl with fruit on the table as an open invitation that they should help themselves whenever they want more.

But you should keep these fruit bowls on the table whenever you have fruit in the house in order to be able to get one whenever you feel like it or to allow your children to do that easily. However, besides the practical purpose these bowls can also be used as decorative objects as most of them look pretty nice. And, if you know how to combine them with the furniture or the overall design of a room you can get spectacular effects.

You can use for example these colorful bowls shaped like umbrellas to cheer up a room and bring a bit of color in it. They are made of ceramic and are colored in different shades, looking like small upside down umbrellas and I like these funny decorations very much. They are called yumbrellas and are actually a project belonging to the British designer Benjamin Hubert.

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If you are an eco-friendly person you can try using some fruit bowls that are made of palm tree leaves. They are very nice and easy to use and biodegradable. And as a plus they look really nice on a table that is made of wood and they do not break if the kids happen to drop them off the table.

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If you use them in the kitchen and it is very clean or , on the contrary, very colorful you can use these nice and simple white bowls.

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If you have a modern house that uses chrome and has a minimalistic design, then the two models of fruit bowls will be perfect for you. If you want to choose from more models like these or different, just go here .