Frosted Teal Temporary Wallpaper

Many people prefer painting their house walls white or in different other colours but again many people prefer using wallpaper. I guess it all depends on taste because each version has its own advantages. For example the advantages of using wallpaper are that they are easy to wash and clean and they resist a lot more than a simple whitewash. Besides, you can choose a nice pattern and this adds a lot to the overall interior design of the room. But there was still one problem with wallpaper. Usually it was hard to peel off and it took a lot of work to get it off the walls, so you had to put up with it for a longer time. But what if you got tired of the same wallpaper? Well, some smart people found the answer to this question, too. They invented temporary wallpaper.

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This Frosted Teal temporary wallpaper has a great design with the white frosted teal image with a gorgeous blue background. Besides it is temporary, which allows you to peel it off any time and just throw it or simply move it to a different place. This is possible now because of the special adhesive on the back of the wallpaper that allows you to stick the wallpaper to the wall and then peel it off easily and finally re-stick it some place else. It is great. You can now choose your favourite design for temporary wallpaper or buy this one for $84.95.