From dilapidated warehouse into a contemporary family abode

Renovated places can turn into so beautiful spaces that it is difficult to recognize them once they were transformed. It is also the case of a former warehouse that was renovated and the result is an ideal contemporary residence. The ones “responsible” for this amazing transformation are Buensalido Architects and the present house is a single storey home in Philippines.

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The focus was the open pre-existing courtyard from the middle of the house. Using glass skylights above the courtyard, it became part of the interior spaces that can  be used as an extension of the living and dining areas, but which gives that unique feeling of being in an outdoor space.

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The result is such a success that you no longer want to leave.The atmosphere is inviting and pleasant and the warm light bathes everything around, providing a serene air to the entire space. All the rooms are wide – open, with modern furniture, with vases of flowers that animate and give color to the place.

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No matter where you find yourself, there is a permanent mood that makes you feel at ease and like everything around, no matter it is a painting on the wall, a statue on a bookshelf, the colorful clock or a piece of furniture or the stone covered space. Every little thing contributes to make the entire environment more attractive, every decorative object adds a plus of personality to the house and the general feeling is a very special one, of a contemporary comfortable house.