From an electrical wire spool to a modern ottoman

I know that sometimes you want to be creative and save some money by constructing  yourselves some pieces of furniture, but most of the times you encounter difficulties which discourage you. Now, if you are interested by this ottoman made by Shelly from Design Sponge, I will describe you the right steps to do one alike. First of all, you will need the materials and tools, and after that, you can start your project. For making the frame you have to take the spool apart and make a pattern from paper, because you will use it for cutting out the foam, batting, fabric and a dustcover for the bottom.

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Glue and screw 6-8 posts evenly around the wooden  circle, then add the other pieces of wood on top of the posts and attach them. For the padding you have to use a staple gun to attach a long piece of cotton muslin around the outside edges of the circles, to fill the open spaces between the support posts. Cut a piece of foam using an electric knife, the same as your paper pattern, and after that, use spray adhesive to glue the foam to the top of the frame. Cut the batting to match the frame , and then another long strip of batting equal to the total height of the ottoman, plus two extra inches, than pin them down.

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Trim off the excess seam allowance, turn the batting covering right side out and pull it down on top of the ottoman frame. To make the upholstery, trace the pattern onto the fabric and cut it out, pin it and stitch the overlapping fabric to the seam, then pull the fabric covering down over the Dacron covered ottoman, adjust it and pull it down firmly and staple in place evenly. After that, you only have to make some measurements, drill some holes, attach the legs to the plates, and voila!{found on designsponge}.