From a historic bank vault into a luxurious club

If it happens to pass by the Wicker Park in Chicago, don’t miss the Bedford’s luxury club. It will be an experience you’ll never forget, not only for its high class services, but especially for its history and design. The actual location of the club was in 1920 a bank vault. Where you came in the past to deposit your money, you come now to spend it. But you will surely never regret it!

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At the club you have several high class services, such as an exclusive restaurant well known for its gourmet cuisine and a bar which offers you the best fine wine on the market. Besides these, impressive is also the club’s history and its design.

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The designers tried to keep the historical appearance of the bank. This is why you can admire the round strong vault doors that are still welcoming the customers in the most elegant manner. More, the walls are lined with bank lockers which remind of the original use of the building. But the design is not only a classical one. The crystal chandeliers and modern furniture create a mixture between old and new, classic and modern. The fine taste is also given by the lightening which will surely bring you into a good mood. This club may be one perfect way to spend an unforgettable day and by its originality it also is a tourist attraction that you must not miss.{found on The Bedford/Techeblog}.