From A Bus Station Into A Office of Tourism

The Office of Tourism is a contemporary structure located in A Coruña, Spain. It has an original and eye-catching design and it surprises with the way it manages to impress and to be an iconic structure with having necessitated a big budget.What is now the iconic Office of Tourism was originally a bus station that in time has been abandoned. It was transformed and turned into this impressive structure.

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The project was developed by Alejandro García y Arquitectos in collaboration with Teconstrur and it was completed in 2012. The goal was to create something that would stand out and that would attract the tourists. It was a smart decision, given the fact that this particular area was not famous for its beaches, landscape or architecture, even though they deserve to be admired.

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The main challenge of this project was to create something unique using a very small budget. The architects chose to restore and reform the existing building instead of demolishing it. They also wanted to adapt it and to make it suitable as an office space. It needed to be an eye-catching space with an inviting and comfortable interior. The main attraction of the design is the structure that wraps the office. It’s made from a new and resistant material and it completely changes the image of the building, giving it a futuristic look.{found on archdaily}.