Grim Candlestick Designs Perfect For Halloween Parties

Halloween is all about scary, gloomy and creepy things and those things can be just about anything. An item you regard as being ordinary most of the year can take on a whole new look during this period. For example, candlesticks can become the perfect grim decoration for your Halloween party this year if you know how to decorate them.


With a few simple things such as empty glass bottles, some enamel paint in dark colors, acrylic paint and red and black candles, you can get this project done in no time. First you paint the glasses and then you repurpose them as candle holders. As the candle wax starts to drip, they become even gloomier.

White candlestick with spider

Spiders, for some reason, are some of the scariest creatures we can think and this makes them perfect as Halloween decorations. The nice thing is that spiders go really well with pretty much everything, including candles. Take a look at the candles featured on Thealisonhow. All they have special is a few small black spiders glued onto them but they look spooky nevertheless.

Skull Candlesticks

Another symbol of Halloween and everything that has to do with it is the skull. Obviously, we’re talking about decorative skulls. Sawdustgirl shows us how to add them to a regular candle holder in order to make more festive in this sense. The project requires a lamp, some plastic skulls and satin black paint. With these things you can make a spooky-looking candle holder like no other.

Spooky Crystal Ball Candlesticks

But let’s take a step back and try to find a few other designs and ideas that don’t necessarily have to do with cliches. We found one such thing on Flamingotoes. The candle holders featured here are actually holding something that looks similar to a crystal ball. You can actually make these things using inkjet transparency film and clear Christmas balls.

Colorful Striped Candlesticks DIY

But Halloween is not all about spooky and creepy things. And since we’re talking about parties here, let’s also take a look at some cheerful designs as well. One example is the collection of colorful candles displayed on Abeautifulmess. They actually look really cute and lovely in those black candle holders. Use tape and paint in different colors to make something similar.

Striped black and white halloween candlestick

If you think too much color is not exactly Halloween-themed, try the black and white combo. On Afabulousfeteblog you can see how black and white striped candles would look like. The whole design is very easy to achieve with some painter’s tape and black paint. You can use this idea as inspiration for a variety of other projects as well. After all, black and white is a timeless color combination.

Holding candles

And who said candle holders have to be holding candles? They can be used in a lot of other interesting ways as well. For example, take a look at the idea proposed on Paintthetownpretty. These candy corn jars would make lovely centerpieces for the Halloween dining table. To make them, use terra cotta saucers, glass vases, wooden candlesticks, acrylic paint, a hot glue gun, ribbon and candy.