Friendly Silk Chair by Alvi Design

It’s the image of Paradise!…if you’re a cat. For a person, however, the perspective is different. This chair design by Alvi Design takes the tradition to a whole different level. It looks like an art piece but, still, it’s just a chair. However, despite its dramatic look, the comfort level is questionable.So if you’re looking for a practical piece of furniture, you might want to choose something else, perhaps something more traditional.

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Art is such a mysterious concept. For some of us, art is just another word for expensive things created by someone famous. For others it could be even something as simple as a drawing on the wall or a piece of furniture like this one, if you really like it. So if you’re not the conventional type and you want something different, you should consider buying this lovely chair. Your friends will certainly be intrigued by it and I’m sure they’ll be standing in line just to sit in it.Still, one thing remains certain: the cats would love it!