How To Update an Old Rocking Chair So You Can Keep Enjoying It

It’s hard to say goodbye to furniture pieces that you’re attached to, that hold precious memories and make you feel at home everywhere they go. Rocking chairs usually enter this category. These furniture pieces deserve to be preserved and this sometimes means they need makeovers. Rocking chair makeovers are very similar to design updates given to armchairs. As always, there are numerous options and techniques to choose from so let’s have a look at some.


A change of color can totally change the look of a furniture piece and this obviously applies to rocking chairs too. The one featured on curbly is pretty small and designed for kids. The makeover starts with the chair being taken apart so the wooden frame can be painted. Then, after the frame is painted white, the seat and back cushions and put back in place but not before changing their look too with some custom-made covers.

recover a flider rocking chair

The reupholstering part is often what discourages us from even trying to refresh old furniture pieces. But it’s actually not all that difficult. Let’s say you want to make an old armchair or rocking chair look beautiful again. You can start by removing the old upholstery and laying out the pieces so you can then cut new ones. Make sure you label them so you know which one goes where. Then use a sewing machine to make the new covers. You’ll find all the details you need on makeanddocrew.

Rocking chair makeover

Not all rocking chairs are upholstered. In fact, most of them aren’t. But this shouldn’t stop you from making your old rocking chair more comfortable. After you paint the wooden frame you can make some custom cushions for it. Measure the seat and the backrest, sew some cases and then fill them with foam or other type of filling. You can see how the project would evolve on allthingsbigandsmallblog.

white rocking chair

When you’re painting your old rocking chair, make sure you tape off the areas you don’t want to paint. For example, the design featured on kleinworthco has a lovely woven seat which had to be covered with a plastic sheet to be preserved clean. Then the frame was painted white and this changed the whole design of the chair, making it look more lightweight and more modern and stylish.

Cool rocking chair makeover

Instead of painting the chair you can also choose to stain it. This way you can reserve some of its original charm and beauty and the transformation wouldn’t be as striking and eye-catching. You can still manage that with paint if you choose a color similar to the original one. You could still get to change the look of the rocking chair without being too obvious if you paint it using a golden shade. The idea comes from lamaisonreid.

embroidered rocking chair diy

If, by any chance, you ave or can find a rocking chair that has a perforated backrest and seat like the one on prodigalpieces then you can cross stitch something really cute using colored thread. The same model can be refreshed in a lot of other ways. It can be reupholstered and repainted in a lot of stylish ways, using various color combinations, patterns and textures.