Friendly Nordic Duplex With A Chill Out Ambiance

Following the typical guidelines of Nordic interior design, this 85 square meter duplex is the type of home that would make anyone happy, even though the surface is not exactly impressive. It’s the whole distribution of the space and the way it’s organized that impressed us.

Nordic living room organized and cleanView in gallery

Nordic open space exposed bricks wallView in gallery

In addition, the duplex also features a combination of materials that fits like a glove in this space. Exposed brick walls add warmth to the room while also bringing in a little bit of rustic charm. Wooden beams that support the angled roof come out as sculptural elements for the décor.

Nordic duplex apartment gray l shaped sofaView in gallery

The living area is a double height space and, together with the dining area and the kitchen, forms an open plan. A corner sectional occupies a small nook with a carved niche illuminated with accent lighting. This whole portion of the room features grey as the main color with a few orange and green accents.

Nordic open space kitchen gray sofaView in gallery

Nordic open space kitchen oval white dining tableView in gallery

To the right is the kitchen and dining area combo. The angled roof, instead of being an inconvenience, makes this area feel intimate and cozy. Plus, that patterned area rug boosts the whole décor. The whole duplex was very meticulously decorated. Notice how all the colors are coordinated and how the rug and the colorful accent pieces in the kitchen feature the same tones.

L shaped nordic style kitchenView in gallery

Although the kitchen is small and takes little floor space, it feel spacious. The fact that it’s part of an open floor plan definitely helps. In addition, the main color here is white and it was used on the walls and all the cabinetry.

Nordic kitchen white cupboardsView in gallery

The cabinet hardware is very simple and allows smooth, clean lines to highlight the design. The wooden countertop is a beautiful accent element, complementing the cold white background.

Nordic kitchen featuring a small portion of exposed bricksView in gallery

There’s also a small portion of exposed brick in the kitchen, another element that emphasizes the comfortable and welcoming look.

Nordic duplex apartment ground floor livingView in gallery

The ground floor social area includes a wooden staircase that leads upstairs as well as a door that lets up take a peak inside and see one of the bedrooms.

Small nordic bedroomView in gallery

Small nordic bedroom whiteView in gallery

Small nordic bedroom beddingView in gallery

This bedroom is small and painted white but the arched window and that small wall-mounted wooden shelf give it a really cozy look.

Upstairs second bedroomView in gallery

Upstairs second bedroom1View in gallery

Upstairs second bedroom deskView in gallery

Upstairs there’s a second bedroom, also tiny and cozy. The bed is pushed against the angled nook where the sloped roof and the floor meet. The arched window forms a nook where a small desk is placed. It’s the perfect little spot for a work area, with enough natural light and those storage shelves to the right.

Nordic duplex apartment upper floorView in gallery

Nordic duplex apartment upper floor1View in gallery

Nordic duplex apartment upper floor loung areaView in gallery

The upper floor also contains a welcoming lounge area/ playroom. Just as in the living room, an area rug adds character to the space. This portion is connected to the downstairs zone but instead of being enclosed by walls or railings, it features a more casual approach based on webs.

Tiny nook by the staircaseView in gallery

Not an inch of space is wasted in this duplex, not even the tiny nook by the staircase which has been turned into a storage and display area featuring a series of shelves.

Friendly duplex apartment bathroom2View in gallery

Friendly duplex apartment bathroomView in gallery

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The bathroom is just as cleverly organized. Glossy black cabinetry offers plenty of storage under the sink and also hides the washing machine. Exposed brick allows the bathroom to feel more intimate and comfortable, considering its nature and the color palette used here. The focus in this area is on texture and materials.