Fresh Spring Bathroom Collection by Sanindusa

Although it is already March the winter weather still does not give up its presence. The strong windy days transformed the sunny, warm days of spring into some cold look like winter days. The wind blows so strong that you may have the impression that you are on the point of taking off just like a plane. Perhaps if we try to come with some spring decors and other warmer items we can create at least the impression that spring is here.

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Sanindusa try to welcome spring with a fresh and dynamic bath décor by designing the New Day Collection. As its name says this optimistic spring design of the collection can mean a new beginning, a new, fresh day where you can start every day of your life. The collection consists of a green and white combination of pieces of furniture, bathroom accessories and equipment. The use of the fresh green nuance makes you think of the rebirth of nature.

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It is the moment when the snowdrops appear and announce the arrival of spring or the trees that prepare themselves for their first green leaves. This combination of colors will make you feel full of energy and life. These fresh nuances and modern shape used for this collection are perfect for a bathroom, a place where you try to refresh, clean you up and get out as a new person.

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The New Day Collection will inspire a fresh and energizing mood which will help you get new forces for a new day or help you relax of he end of a long and tiring day.