Fresh Southport home decorated by Lynn Morgan

This beautiful place is a lovely home located in Southport, CT. It features a very fresh and airy interior and it seems like a very inviting home. The house was designed by Lynn Morgan and these beautiful photographs that you here have been taken by Laura Moss. I particularly like this home because it’s so inviting, fresh and airy and the atmosphere inside seems to be very casual but also very elegant at the same time.

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The house has very large windows and this is a big factor when appreciating the interior. The almost floor-to-ceiling windows let lots of natural light get inside and this way the décor seems even more airy and open. Another important element is the white color that has been chosen for most of the walls. The shite walls and white ceilings also create the impression of large and airy spaces even when it’s not the case. In one corner of the living room there’s a lovely breakfast area. It sits right next to the windows and it includes a beautiful and very cozy bench, a table and some chairs.

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I also like the furniture from this house. It’s so casual and yet so delicate and elegant. The colors also play an important role in this case. The designer used mostly pastel colors and several tones of blue and turquoise. I particularly like the shades of blue from some of the walls. They remind of those puffy clouds we sometimes see on the sky. Also, notice all the floral patterns from the chairs and some of the decorations such as the pillows from the living room sofa. Also, fresh flowers have been strategically placed all over the place.