A Fresh Look at Mid Century Modern Chairs

When something stands the test of time, we know there’s a reason for it. Usually it’s the thing’s genius, in one way or another, that makes it attractive and desirable over the course of several decades (each representing decidedly different style trends). That being said, we can appreciate the genius of design superpowers such as Eero Saarinen, Florence Knoll, Charles and Ray Eames, and George Nelson (among many others) because of their part in defining mid-century modern styles.

Midcentury chairs

It’s been done before, of course. We all know (and love) the chairs of the mid-century modern greats. But let’s just take another look at some classic pieces that showcase the era’s timeless style in seating, shall we? Because they never get old.

Kitchen & Dining Rooms.

Saarinen Tulip table and the executive armchairs

These executive armchairs look perfectly authoritative here, particularly when paired with a Saarinen table and curved skirted sofa in neutral camel. Floor to ceiling drapes truly make this space look and feel “executive.”

White ghost chairs
Sensuously curvaceous, the Panton chairs bring an innate sophistication to any space. I love them here with an angular dining table, providing a lovely waterfall-esque silhouette to an otherwise fairly straightforward dining experience.

Living & Family Rooms.

Sao Paulo House

Low to the ground and oh so comfortable, the leather lounge chair is the essence of cool and simple functionality. Looks great paired with other interesting shapes (like the tables in this room) and bold colors.

Living room midcentury chairs
Who needs a sofa when you’ve got a pair of Saarinen womb chairs and ottomans to nestle into? Cozied up to the fireplace, this setting is inviting and promises relaxation in style and comfort for as long as one cares to sit there.

Black floor midcenturychair

A leather butterfly chair provides the perfect lines and silhouette for a space where visual substance elsewhere prevails. A black painted wood floor, a stack of chunky vintage luggage, and a solid wall of shelved books and media provide the perfect heavy backdrop for this thin-lined, yet masculine, piece.


Lovevly midcentury corner

In one’s bedroom, more than in any other room in the house, comfort is key. This fact alone is what makes the swan chair an ideal choice. Particularly in rich caramel leather, the chair walks the thin line between standout and neutral with great aplomb. Actually, it doesn’t walk the line between the two

It’s both at the same time.

Iconic Eames Chair
Ah, the irreplaceable Eames lounge chair. In creamy white leather, the iconic piece perches like a throne and rules easily over this bedroom sphere.

Desk or Home Office.

Office iconic chair

Classic and straightforward, the fiberglass chair will be around forever. Why shouldn’t it be? Its simplicity and humility of design is perfection.

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