Fresh and Joyful Room by Maria Barros

Although there are so many beautiful places that we can visit sometimes nothing can compare with the moments we spend at home. Our home can be the most relaxing oasis on earth, the most peaceful nature corner or the most joyful place where we can always come back with pleasure. All depends on the way we know how to arrange it and make it become all these marvelous places.

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The Portuguese designer, Maria Barros created a fresh and joyful place where you can spend relaxing moments chatting with your friends at a nice coffee, reading an interesting book, resting your feet for a few moments or even have dinner. It is a nice living room where a dinner area is integrated too. The combination of joyful nuances like white, turquoise, orange and pink turn this place into an oasis of relaxation and freshness.

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Almost everything is white, from walls to furniture, curtains and floor. There is also a mixture of vintage and modern elements like the vintage white cabinets with mirrors or the classic oval white dinner table. All these items are contrasted by modern elements like the white and pink modern dinner chairs and the white chaise lounges.The same turquoise prints on the wall are used for the two big lampshades that are set at the edges of the turquoise sofa on two side tables.

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Details are the ones that bring more color and joy to this room. The white and orange pot on the diner table, the pink and orange pillows on the turquoise sofa, the white and orange candlestick or the huge orange flower on the printed wall are things that can make your day happier and make you feel more optimistic.