Fresh and modern pharmacy design by Clavel Arquitectos

Whenever you feel sick or under the weather you instantly go to the pharmacy, hoping to find a quick cure. Nowadays the cities are oversaturated with pharmacies. In some countries the law demands to have at least one pharmacy per neighborhood. And since there are so many it’s difficult to design one that really stands out and speaks to the customers.

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It’s difficult, but it’s not impossible, as Clavel Arquitectos can show us with their impressive creation in Marcia. They’ve managed to create a unique and very interesting pharmacy design. Clavel is known best for their colorful and creative commercial spaces so it’s no wonder they’ve come up with such a fresh design.

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Indeed, the best word to describe this pharmacy is “fresh”. There were basically just two colors used throughout the whole design: Chemist Green and White.Clavel demanded that 95% of the design would be prefabricated, This would ensure a quick and easy building process and they just needed to assemble all the pieces.

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The façade of the shop features floor to ceiling letters spelling “Farmacia”. This is not just another method of attracting customers but also a very ingenious storage solution. The giant letters are a light source from the outside and a storage space from the inside. Inside, more storage space is ensured by the long tubular white metal units that also create a fresh contrast with the green walls, ceiling and floor.