Fresh and Modern Home Interior Design by Jordi Vayreda

This is an extremely welcoming house renovated by the well known interior designer Jordi Vayreda. Shades of pink, gray and green similar to the spring time have been used consistently all over the house to enhance it. Lots of decorative elements such as small rugs, tiny rustic containers and soft, fluffy pillows on the floor draw attention immediately.

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These items stand out completely as they are coupled with a sophisticated white background. Various other items have also been used to bring out the youthfulness of the house. The kitchen, dining room and the living room are connected physically as well as concept and design wise.

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The place is vibrant and full of life. And all the tiny details come together to be parts of a perfect whole picture that gives the impression of life and joy of living, of nature and spring. The pure shade of green that is specific to spring is combined with white and soft touches of pink and the beige or light brown of the floor, making a delicate and sweet decor.{ found on inspiracionline }