French Floreal Folding Table

The French have always been trend-setters and they made people all over the world borrow their champagne, perfumes, blue cheese and many other things that are specific to them. One of the most well-known French concepts is the “bistro”, that little coffee shop on the corner of the street that spreads its round tables on the sidewalk and gives the famous cafe-au-lait and the tasty croissants. Well, this French Floreal Folding Table seems to be oming directly from a French bistro, nice and cozy, round and comfy.

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This table is made of powder-coated lacquered steel and can be easily folded, which makes it easy to store in any corner when you don’t need it any more. It also has a round hole in the middle where you can put a sunbrella that will protect you from the sun or light rain. Actually this “bistro” design of the round table appeared back in the 1800s, but it spread rapidly and it stuck. You can meet this kind of table now all over the world and it is available in many colours. Actually the table is covered with a special paint that is a DuPont powder, 100% polyester, anti-UV. It is applied on the  table by using a special technique that is applied ellectrostatically for a better coverage and a longer use. The item is available in many colours for $331.