French Country Decorating Ideas

If it’s about France, then it is definitely about Romance, country style and cheese. For those looking forward to decorating their house in a nice and romantic way, the old classic French country style is recommended.

If you have ever seen any French movies, despite the fact that they must have been awful, you may have seen how the French country style is.

Though, here are some more ideas.

First of all, no house decorated in a French country way shouldn’t have French decorated bedroom. Basically, a bedroom like this should be decorated with a big matrimonial bed, with green or sea colors. Also, the walls should have a neutral color. Though, the curtains should have the same color as the sheets, and also, the curtains should also have different decorations. As for the lightning sources, simple chandeliers with 2 or 4 heads should do the trick.  If possible, then the coverage of the chandelier should have either floral decorations, or just oval shapes.

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As for the interior furniture, things get a little bit more special: in order to decorate the interior of the house in the old French way, then people should adopt the neutral-colored style. The furniture is basically inspired after the 18th century style, especially from the 1850-1890 period, period known as Gustavian period. The Gustavian furniture is represented especially by light colors like white, gray and beige and what makes it special is the fact that is usually contains a lot of small pillows. Basically, a Gustavian couch should have about 3 to five small pillows.

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French style can also be applied at balconies. Usually, a balcony decorated in a French country style should be small, surrounded by stainless steel bars painted in black. The bars shouldn’t be too thick, and if possible, they should also have some flowered shapes.

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Finally, every house which is decorated in the French country style should have a French living room. Every French living room should have a small table in the middle – where tea can be served -, table that is surrounded by a couch and two royal chairs. Pillows for each of them shouldn’t miss. A closet with flower decorations shouldn’t miss from the living room. The more shelves that closet has, the better, as long as the closet has decorations.

There are way more modalities of decorating a house in the French Country Way. Though, before actually decorating a house, people should see what exactly would fit the best their house.