French Bistro Backless Barstool – Black/Cream

Bar stools are meant to be used in the bar. But if you want to have one at home there is no problem because you can use them as well near the counter in the living room or even improvise a bar in your living room, which will add a plus of style to the overall design of your home. Let’s admit you can rarely see bars inside your friends’ homes. But if you have one such corner it will be pleasant and stylish. So the best accessories for this bar corner with a bar counter are the bar stools. And you can purchase some very nice French Bistro Backless Barstools – Black/Cream .

BistroStoolBlack2This bar stool is nice and like coming from a trendy French bistro in Paris. It is made in Italy and made of Nylon and Cane Wood. The four legs are tied with resistant nylon ropes because they are made of three cane wood sticks put together. All the legs come attached to a round foot rest that is also very important to the chair stability. The seating is black with very small cream insertions and looks fabulous. You can use this bar stool both indoors and outdoors, but make sure you place it in the shade because the materials used for making it are likely to fade in the sun. The item is available at Maison-Midi for $199.95.