Frank Lloyd Wright Willits Mantel Clock

You need clocks around the house to tell you the time and this way to be able to get to work in time , make appointments and schedule certain activities. But you can combine usefulness with art and purchase a clock that is both very useful as a time-telling machine and also a decoration that makes your house look nice. This is a very good example of mantel clock that you can place on your mantelpiece and enjoy. It is called Frank Lloyd Wright Willits Mantel Clock, a too long and pompous name, but which tells you something about its design.

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As you probably have already figured out this clock copies a window designed by the famous artist some place in Highland Park, Illinois called Willits House and turns it into the inner design of this beautiful clock. The clock design has the approval of the Frank Lloyd Wright foundation and tries to combine the traditional with the modern art. It is made of wood, with glass insertions and needs AA batteries to work properly. You can purchase this beauty now for $150.