Francis Wall Mirror

Mirrors are usually very clear because they are supposed to reflect people’ s faces and show their every detail. But sometimes you have the surprise to see that your mirror is not so clear as you would have expected and that is nothing wrong with it, but it is only a visual effect that makes it even more valuable. I am talking about the Francis Wall Mirror from Petite Friture.  This mirror is all round and shiny and has a special feature that makes it unique: a colourful pattern that seems obtained from an infusion of colours on a wet paper.

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When you look at it and if you have a lot of imagination, you can picture images from a distant planet. Any way, the black circular frame is perfect for the imaginary planet contour and the designer Constance Guisset obtained just the effect she wanted. The mirror is the perfect accessory for the white wall of your hallway and brings a special feature to your home. If you like it, you can now purchase it from Petite Friture web site for about 495€. The wall mirror is manufactured in 2011, so pretty recently , and its diameter is 60 cm, which I consider perfect for the hallway, as it allows you to see more than just your head.