Fragments Of Nature by Lex Pott

The designer Lex Pott Holland presents the Fragments of Nature which is a collection of furniture pieces that keep the integrity of the original material. The collaboration between industrial design and natural elements work perfectly all the time. Simple and elegant the design is easily reproduced and maintains a grounded, organic feel that harkens back to nature.

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The collection includes tables, benches and storage spaces. They all share a rudimentary look that not everybody appreciates but that’s the whole point of this project. It’s main purpose was to preserve the natural details of the wood. This way you can bring a piece of nature inside your home.



This type of furniture pieces doesn’t look good in any kind of environment. You have to be careful when including them in your home design. It’s not enough just to like them, they also have to look good in your home.  So think about this aspect before purchasing them. You might end up with a bunch of beautiful and really interesting furniture pieces but with no place to store them because they just don’t go well with the rest of the furniture or with the overall interior design that you have created in your home.