Foxed Mirror Buffet

Every period of time has its own charm and features and is characterized by certain things. That is why you can situate Renaissance almost exactly in time or Art Deco some time back in the 1920s and so on. But sometimes, especially nowadays when we have so much to choose from, it’s actually kind of nice to get inspired from the old days and try to adjust those features to the present day tastes. So it’s interesting to see what you obtain if you  take the mirrored doors of a living room cabinet and add a bit of smoking effect in order to hide the things stored inside. You will love the result, as you will probably see the Foxed Mirror Buffet.

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Img4o1This buffet has two interior cabinets with four adjustable shelves and three foxed mirror doors that are attached to the furniture by some metal hinges. This makes it look nice and shiny and the smoke-stained finish of the doors gives it a somewhat mysterious look. The buffet weight is supported by four solid ash legs that are short but sturdy and are able to kepp it standing. This interesting design of the buffet will make it the “piece de resistance” of your living room. You can order it online for $999.