Four Discreet Volumes Clustered In A Stunning Family Residence

Located on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, this family residence is unlike any other. Firstly, it’s because it’s actually formed of four separate volumes. There are two large structures and two small ones. They’ve all been designed and built by Dualchas Architects, a practice known for its simple yet stunning projects and the ability to combine modern ideas with a respect for the past so that the designs complement their surroundings.

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The entrance is a glazed corridor between the two main buildings. The tallest volume houses two floors of bedrooms. A large, single-storey volume contains the living and dining spaces and the two smaller structures serve as a storage shed and a shelter for the heat pump.

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All four buildings are clad with horizontal strips of Siberian larch and they are stained black. The roofs are covered with corrugated aluminum panels and are coated with a protective black finish. None of the buildings has visible gutters or eaves and this gives a discreet and minimalist appearance.

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The dining area and the kitchen are situated between two lounge rooms. The built-in appliances and the overall simple design and array of colors maintain the space casual and elegant. The kitchen counter stools soften the décor with their classic design and have wooden legs that complement the dining chairs.

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The kitchen is large and airy, a detail highlighted by the glass walls and all the light getting in through them. In addition to those, the light also get in through the openings in the ceiling.

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The dining space is part of the same open floor plan as the kitchen but acts as a separate zone. It’s furnished with a robust wooden table and leather upholstered chairs in a dark shade of red. Huge windows let the natural light in, exposing the spaces to the panoramic views.

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A sculptural purple wall divider separated the kitchen and dining areas from an inviting and relaxed lounge area. It has a comfortable white sectional sofa and a striped area rug. This area gets to enjoy the stunning views of the nearby bay and the surrounding landscape as well.

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An indoor lounge chair is placed in the corner, where the two huge adjacent windows meet. Complemented by an arching floor lamp, the chair is the perfect spot in the house for admiring the views, meditating or reading a good book

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A second, smaller lounge area is also situated on the ground level. This one has a tufted purple sofa designed to complement the purple accent wall. It’s positioned in such a way that it faces a wood-burning fireplace and the window at the same time.

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A wooden staircase leads upstairs where the two larger bedrooms are situated. In total, the residence has four bedrooms.

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The two bedrooms found on the upper level are spacious and feature skylights. They compensate for the lack of large windows and let in enough natural light to make the room feel bright and welcoming. The wooden floors and simple furniture create decors that look modest yet manage to stand out elegantly.

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Each of the two bedrooms has its own bathroom. This one is not particularly large and you’d think that the dark-colored walls and flooring make it seem even smaller. However, it’s not the case. In fact, if anything, the choice of colors and finishes make this room feel intimate and comfortable.

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