Fortune Mirror by Uttermost

A home’s personality does not reside in the large pieces of furniture or the wall colour, but in the small details that bring your style and taste into your house, making it a home. That is why I think home accessories are very important if you want to have a nice home where you can feel comfortable and feel like it’s your place and not some impersonal place to live in. This Fortune Mirror by Uttermost is the perfect example of how you can use an useful object that shows your reflection when you want to make up or shave or see if your hair has a good or a bad day as a home accessory.

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The mirror is round and pretty big and is surrounded by smaller rectangular mirrors that give it personality and also allow you to see a “web” effect when looking in it. All the edges of all the smaller mirrors have been carefully polished so as to avoid any accidents when you touch it , so you will feel just a smooth finish.

The designer of this mirror is Carolyn Kinder from Uttermost and she succeeded in bringing further the tradition of this company of offering personalized and stylish home accessories ever since 1975. So if you like what you see, you can now purchase it online for a reduced price of $327.80.