Former textile workshop, now a stylish loft apartment in Barcelona

It’s very common for old factories or workshops to be redesigned, restructured and repurposed. Most often they become private homes or lofts. The transformation is always spectacular, especially when there is also a change in style. In the case of this beautiful apartment, the balance was preserved.

Industrial loft design9

The apartment is located in Barcelona. Originally, the loft was a textile factory but it got converted. The result was a wonderful and expansive loft apartment. The style chosen for the new home has strong industrial influences. This maintains a certain continuity, even though the space is basically unrecognizable and the changes made were major. The combination of modern, industrial and traditional is beautiful.

Industrial loft design11

Industrial loft design21

Industrial loft design31

The loft features a large open plan space which includes the living room, the dining area, a work space, a reading corner and the kitchen. It’s a space that has been painted white. The ceiling features exposed beams but their presence is less visible because of the white finish. The wooden flooring add texture and some warmth to the space but it’s the furniture and accessories that make the atmosphere feel inviting and pleasant.

Industrial loft design41

Industrial loft design51

The industrial influence is strong throughout the apartment. It all has to do with elements such as the exposed beams, the light fixtures, the window treatments as well as some of the furniture pieces. This place is actually one huge open space. The main living area is expansive and includes several areas that are visually separated by other open spaces.

Industrial loft design61

Industrial loft design71

Industrial loft design81

The bedroom is actually not a separate room. It’s a semi-private space separated from the living area by a large wall unit which also serves as storage.The chromatic palette used throughout is simple and includes white as a main shade along with black, beige, brown and gold and with bold yellow accents used for contrast and as a complementaty detail.{found on Trendland}.