Designer Loft House In A Former Factory Tower

It’s always interesting to look at an interior designer’s home. You can enter the designer’s world and see what truly defines their style and what their idea of a cozy home is. Like everyone else, each designer has a unique style so imagine the result when two interior designers plan their perfect home together. That’s what happened when Attila F Kovacs and Zsuzsa Megyesi chose to make an old factory tower their new home.

Loft 19 house tower buildingView in gallery
The house is situated inside an old factory tower
Loft 19 house dining roomView in gallery
The interior design is a mixture of the owners’ styles
Loft 19 house sitting area decorView in gallery
The spaces are a conglomerate of unique and unusual objects

The two designers are the founders of A+Z Design Studio. They started the company in 2009 using their different background experience to take on new and unique projects. Attila had previouly designed award-wining museums, residences and commercial structures while Zsuzsa was specialized in art history and aesthetics.

Loft 19 house dining room chandelierView in gallery
Most of them come from antique shops and some have been designed by the owners
Loft 19 house dining chairsView in gallery
The furniture and decorations have been collected over years

The two completed their home in 2015. They chose to move into a tower-like structure that was previously part of the HFF Kniting Factory complex. The structures date back to 1915 and they’re located in the Southern part of the city. Originally built as a weapon factory, the tower called Loft 19 and the rest of the factory complex are protected industrial monuments.

Loft 19 house unusual rag chair
A lot of the elements are meant to stand out and to be focal points
Loft 19 house kitchen and staircaseView in gallery
The spaces are organized on two levels linked by a staircase

The designers had to leave the exterior of the building intact but were free to decorate the interior however they liked. This resulted in a personal mix of styles and eras founded on the original elements which still play an important role despite all the changes and additions.

Loft 19 house staircase wall carvingsView in gallery
The stairs lead to the upper level which is where the private spaces are situated
Loft 19 house window viewView in gallery
The windows are large but don’t offer cheerful views. Still, they have their charm

A lot of the original features were preserved. For example, the old iron doors are still a part of the interior design. The original beams were taken down and repurposed into bookshelves. The windows remained the same, offering views of the desolate surroundings. They’re large and they let in abundant natural light, making the rooms seem large and spacious.

Loft 19 house large industrial windpwView in gallery
The designers took full advantage of each and every window

The space is full of special pieces. A lot of them have been collected over time, one by one. They come from flea markets and antique shops that the designers visited and they were now finally brought together. Other furniture pieces and accessories were created by the designers themselves specifically for this space.

Loft 19 house master bedroomView in gallery
The bedroom is in contrast with the rest of the spaces
Loft 19 house bedroom wall decorView in gallery
It has a more cohesive, mid-century inspired interior decor

The bedroom is an interesting space, being a bit different from all the other rooms. Its interior is more cohesive and has a boudoir-like ambiance. It can be reached via the staircase and it occupies the upper floor together with its bathroom. It has patterned purple wallpaper that covers one third of the walls and antique furniture accents.

Loft 19 house bedroom vanityView in gallery
The purple wallpaper is a perfect background for the furniture and accessories in the room
Loft 19 house bathroom tub and chandelierView in gallery
The bathroom ha a rather off shape but this only makes it more special and interesting

The bathroom has an unusual shape, with odd angles and corners. It’s hidden behind the bedroom walls and it’s an open space, with no door or wall separating it from the bedroom. The tub sits in a corner where three walls meet and above it there’s an eye-catching and glamorous chandelier.

Loft 19 house bathroom sink and viewView in gallery
The bathroom has its own charming view as well as plenty of natural light
Loft 19 house upstairs bathroom areaView in gallery
It’s interestingly-hidden behind the bedroom walls

Lots of other interesting and unusual accessories and accent pieces are spread throughout the apartment. This includes furniture, wall decorations and even the unique choice of colors.

Loft 19 house yellow wall decorView in gallery
The old materials and structural elements were seamlessly integrated into the new design