Forget the Color Rules! How to Use Color in New Ways for Bolder Living Spaces

You might be stuck in a bit of a décor color rut, thinking that only certain colors mesh well together or perhaps you feel a bit timid when it comes to introducing color to a room. Here are some new color ideas to formulate a brighter, bolder look!

Turn Neutrals into Bold Shades.

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Bright and Bold Concrete Rejuvenates Home Design

Materials used in the design of your home, such as concrete, don’t have to remain a neutral color. Let them be more colorful! It looks prettier and is a fun take on what’s been done before. A table-top in a bright color can be a great livener in the kitchen, for instance.

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A More Distinct Shade on the Wall as an Alternative to White

White or beige is a common neutral wall color but a livelier shade is an easy way to add some character to a room. It’s also one of the fastest ways to generate the kind of mood you wish to achieve with your décor.

Take Two or More Colors!

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Furniture is Perfect for Color Experimentation

Using more than one color in a piece of furniture, such as shelves, is a fun way of bringing more color to your décor. This is also a good tip if you want to introduce color in smaller ways without losing effect.

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Mix Colors in the Living Room

Another idea is to achieve a variety of color with your seating arrangements. Use different color couches or chairs for a more eclectic yet still modern look.

Give it an Eyeful with Colorful Patterns.

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Contrasting Patterns Give Colors an Edge

Color really comes alive in the form of patterns. However, the catch is that you might worry about how to mix patterns and what colors should be used to complement them. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks, though! The results could surprise you in the best way.

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Focus on Matching Colors More than Patterns

When using lots of color and different patterns, the important thing to ensure is that some of the colors match. For instance, red in the rug pattern on the floor that matches one of the shades in the curtain provides a bit of harmony without meaning that every little detail in the rest of the décor needs to match. The whole point of using different colors and patterns is so that it doesn’t look too structured!

Can Two Bold Colors Work?

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Blend Bolder Colors to Make them a Success

You might think that if you’re using a bold color in a room it should be matched with neutrals to prevent too much color saturation, but this does not always have to be the case. If you’re going to use brighter or deeper colors simultaneously, try to use some that are a paler shade. For instance, dark blue and bright red can be set off quite nicely with a pale lavender on the wall. This helps to tone down the colors without them overwhelming the room, but it still enables you to achieve your color fix!

The Technical Solution to Using Color.

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Easy Tip: First Add Color to the Walls

If you like to have some structure to lean on when transforming the color palette of your home, try to bear this décor rule in mind: use 60 per cent of the room’s color on the walls, 30 per cent of the room’s color in its upholstery and 10 per cent in a smaller accent piece. This gives you a bit of guidance without making you lose the fun opportunity of designing with color.

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