Folding Cruiser Armchair by Marina Bautier

I’ve always been a fan of folding chairs, especially those that the fishermen use. They have a specific design that to be is very appealing. Also, I find them very practical as they can be folded or unfolded at any time in just seconds. This allows the user to either make room for more free space as the chairs can be stored away somewhere, or to provide additional sitting areas for guests, in case such a situation appears.

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Here’s a folding chair that was designed using the same principles as the simple fishermen chairs, but that has a more elaborate and elegant look. It’s called Cruiser and the name suits it very well. Because it’s a folding chair, you can easily pack it and take it with you anywhere you go. It was designed in 2010 by Marina Bautier and it has a very sturdy but comfy look. The frame is made from laminated oak veneer with parts in massive oak and it also features an upholstered cushion for extra comfort.

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It has a casual look and this makes it very versatile. It could make a nice addition to a modern, contemporary and even traditional living room, dining area or even terrace, deck or garden. Because it’s easy to fold and unfold, the armchair can be quickly moved around and taken outside in case someone wants to spend some time closer to nature or to have a cup of coffee there, after which you can just take it inside. It’s available in brown or grey, both quiet and neutral colors.