Foldaway features apartment interior design

This is the kind of apartment perfect for an art collector or an artist who doesn’t need so much space for himself, but just a place for living and showing its paintings. Interior designer Oleg Trofimov managed to create a spacious place despite its modest proportions only by integrating some storage spaces into the rooms that hide some pieces of furniture. The flat is divided in two different parts: the living area which includes the living room and the kitchen, and the private area, with an en suite bedroom.

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The living room is very simple decorated; it has white walls and ceilings and the furniture, floors and windows frame have the same wooden tones. The key piece in the lounge area is the concealed storage that hides the entire dining room which includes a pull down table large enough to seat four diners in fold-up chairs, which are also suspended in an adjacent compartment, near the one with the table. The kitchen is all white because the designer didn’t want to disturb the relaxing environment in which the main elements are those big minimalist paintings.

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The bedroom is actually small, but the designer managed to create enough storage spaces for personal things, and in the same time avoided having a crowded room. On both sides of the bed we can see retractable standing lamps which eliminate the need of having nightstands and above it there are two large paintings that cheat the proportions on the room.

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When the inhabitant needs a desk in the bedroom, he easily can flip up its drop-away desk to seat a laptop in an instant. Being an apartment for a person or maybe for a couple, there is no need for privacy from the other people. So the bathroom is connected with the bedroom and also has many glass walls that allow the light to pass through them.