Foldable Flower Home Lighting Fixtures

Flower is one of the most fragile and beautiful things. For those who love nature, the flowers represent a perfect gift too. It cannot be compared with things like: clothes, accessories, books or sweets. It is something that creates emotions and fills your heart with joy. Flowers bring life, light and color to a room.

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Fredrik Farg, the designer of these foldable lighting fixtures combines the fragility of a flower with the mobility of a lighting fixture.These lighting fixtures have the shape of a flower that can be changed. It may become more closed or more opened. It depends on what our intentions are and what kind of atmosphere we want to create.

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They create an atmosphere full of life, which is fresh and dynamic.Their flexibility makes you think of a flower that blossoms and lights your soul.The nuances of light may create a romantic décor and a peaceful atmosphere.