Foldable Clip Chair

Today’s inspired work is a unique chair that is small and foldable. Designed by Blasius Osko and Oliver Deichmann, the Clip Chair is a great invention, perfect for small spaces or children rooms. Made out of solid beach and stainless steel components, this lovely chair is great for any home and can easily fit in your current design.

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The designers’ inspiration came from the Bulgarian market, where they saw a small basket. Single slats were beaded on ropes to form two hinged surfaces, which could be transformed into a curved 3-dimensional object. They improved the mechanism, both technically and visually and created an amazing chair. When open, this beautiful piece is straight identical slats form a spacious seating space. It has a simple design that not only makes the chair practical, but also creates a sculptural object of a great aesthetic value, whether folded or open.

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What’s more it is very easy to maintain, all you have to do is to wipe it with a damp cloth and use liquid cleaners. Also it is best not to leave it outdoors. Its overall dimensions are 37.8″h x 41.7″w x 5.9″d. The Clip Chair is a simple, sleek, comfortable piece that will be perfect for your family gatherings.

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