Flying cow lamp design for kids

Finding furniture and other elements for the kids’ room is so fun, especially if your child is little, somewhere between 3 and 8 years old. That the age when they are usually cute and focused on playing and having fun. If you’re a parent then you already know that decorating the kids’ room is not easy, in fact it might be more difficult than with any other room of the house. Kids are usually pretentious and they have all sorts of crazy ideas that sometimes are not even possible or real. So it might be difficult process, but it’s also fun.

Lumisource Lamp

It’s so fun to go shopping for cute items and pieces. For example, take a look at this lamp. It’s a very funny lamp, made from metal and Kumo paper and it was made especially for little kids. It’s 6.5″H, an appropriate size considering the user. The interesting part is the design.

This funny lamp is shapes like a flying cow. It has a very cute and funny look, perfect for little children.But even if this lamp looks so cute in the picture, don’t forget that it’s made partially of paper so you will have to handle it carefully. This might have been a bad idea, to create a lamp that is made of paper, even if partially, especially since it’s a children’s lamp. This is a big minus. It’s very cute and nice, but it probably won’t last very long.Available for 24$.