Fluid Apartment Remodel Naturally Blends All Its Spaces

Located in a new district of Brasilia, in Brasil, this apartment was recently restructured and remodeled to suit the lifestyle of a young couple. Originally, the apartment had a well-defined distribution where the living area, the kitchen, the laundry room, two bedrooms and a bathroom were all individual zones.


Semerene Arquitectura Interior transformed the 70 sq m apartment into a fluid, multipurpose home where the barriers between spaces are dissolving, allowing the owners to play with their functions in various ways. The TV area, the dining space and the kitchen now share an open floor plan.


A particularly interesting portion of the apartment is the kitchen and dining area. Everything is in perfect sync and there is no clear separation between these two functions.


A kitchen island with seating is the focal point of this area. It’s like the island and the dining table were melted together and now they’re inseparable, fitting together like two pieces of a puzzle. Two low-hanging pendant lights with orange-yellow shades give the area a bright and cheerful vibe.


The pendant lights coordinate with the Eames DSW Chairs  which are featured here both in white and yellow. Their classic and timeless design makes them a perfect choice for this type of versatile and fluid interior design.

Fluid brasil apartment bright bathroom turquoise

The dining table is supported at one end by a really interesting divider. It goes all the way up to the ceiling beam and has a thin metal structure with a bit of industrial flair and open shelves. On the topp most shelves a series of planters give the open floor plan a green and fresh look while the rest of the shelves serve as a sort of bar which can be accessed from both sides.

Fluid brasil apartment bright bathroom turquoise

The seating area is defined by a blue accent wall covered with colorful art pieces. A two-seater gray couch is decorated with patterned accent pillows in soft colors and two chic purple armchairs add extra seating and color to the room. In the corner, a small side table holds a cute lamp.


Sliding room dividers hide the home office which directly across from the open kitchen. It features a minimalist desk and a raised platform that holds an unconventional sofa. The back wall is occupied by a storage unit with open and closed cubbies. The space can also be used as a second bedroom.

Fluid brasil apartment bright bathroom turquoise

The bedroom is not lacking character either. The headboard with built-in nightstands is definitely a classy and modern detail but perhaps the most interesting element lies behind those sliding glass doors. There you find a small walk-in closet with a large mirror and storage for everything.


The laundry room is tiny and the focus here was on functionality. Hooks and shelves hold all the cleaning products and tools and there’s not much room for anything else given the presence of the appliances and the sink.


The bathroom spaces, however, are like a breath of fresh air. A pop of yellow here, some turquoise there and just like that the ambiance stays fresh and vibrant even if the space is small. The large mirrors and glass dividers definitely help maintain that look.

Fluid brasil apartment bright bathroom turquoise
Fluid brasil apartment bright bathroom turquoise