Fluffy DIY Coffee Filter Lamp Shade

Lamps have always proved to be useful and amazing for our rooms. A lamp will always be useful for reading, writing something at your table, assure the light you need in case your baby wakes up or create a romantic atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable nice.

Diy coffee filter lamp shade all

If it comes to speak about a DIY project that implies the creation of a lamp shade then you will be surprised to find out the materials you can use for its design. Perhaps you never thought of your coffee filter, did you?Here it is a fluffy DIY lamp shade that was made of some coffee filters.

Besides coffee filters you need to buy a lamp shade frame, and several glue sticks (glue gun).These are the materials you need for this DIY project.

Diy coffee filter lamp shade all

The process is simple but it will take you a lot of time. Fold each filter in quarters, bend the tip and apply hot glue to the tip. Glue it and many other “flowers” to the lamp shade frame. The top and bottom of shade should have the edges of the flowers pointing away from the shade’s edge. After you have done you will get a really beautiful mood lamp which will create a lovely atmosphere that will make you feel wonderful.{found on northwesthospitality}