Fluffy and soft PomPon chair by CROP

If you’re an unconventional person and you’re currently searching for new ideas of furniture pieces to include in your home. this interesting and unusual seat would make a very nice addition. It’s called PomPon and it was created by the Italian design studio CROP.It’s a very light but relatively large armchair-pouf. It’s an extremely comfortable and cozy piece of furniture. It was produced entirely by hand stitching and twisting strips of wool fabric. linen and cotton.

This oversized version of the wool pompon is an unusual piece of furniture and it was designed for modern and unconventional homes. Another interesting detail about this piece is the fact that it was created from wool obtained from the recyclage of 2700 m of selvaged waste material from the textile production. It’s a colorful piece that actually consists of two different elements: a donut and a pompon.

They can be used either together or separately.It’s a very cute item that has a strong visual impact. It’s also a very versatile piece that can be used in the living room. for some extra seating space. or in the bedroom or in any other room of the house. It’s fun and it has an interesting design. but most important than everything is that it’s an extremely comfortable piece. It would look great in a modern home, regardless of the interior design.