Flower Vases Shaped Like Lab Beakers

I have never been a huge fan of Chemistry and I actually felt rather strange when handling all those lab tubes and substances because i was not so sure what i was mixing there and if the result will be spectacular or just a catastrophe waiting to happen. But I would have never imagined them to be beautiful. Or at least I haven’t until I saw these amazing Flower Vases Shaped Like Lab Beakers. These are actually vases that are almost shaped like lab tubes, but not entirely, as lab tubes have a round bottom and these don’t. They have a flat bottom and they serve as flower vases, even though they still stand in a wooden lab stand. I guess this is just for the visual effect.

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So these beakers look pretty nice if you fill them with water and use them as vases for many pretty flowers you want to surround you. This is the proof that even a scientific world can be embellished and brought to nature, at least every once in a while. It might remind you of your high school Chemistry lab, but this wooden support is really helpful, as it keeps all the five small vases standing and it makes an unusual and yet pretty decoration for your home, too. And also available for the price of €32.00.